Boundaries, Balance & Benjamins
A masterclass for eldest daughters who are ready to ditch society's expectation of them and reclaim their personal power in order to make more money.

What's Included in this 2-Day Masterclass?

I'm going to show you why owning your personal power is the ONLY thing you need in order to finally heal from your trauma as an eldest daughter and create more cash while you do it.
✓ Discover the number 1 reason your healing/ empowerment journey feels incredibly hard and is taking so long, and what you need to do to make it faster and easier

✓ Discover how to implement thicc mami boundaries to protect your peace and energy (without caring if you upset others)

✓ I'll show you how to trash your fear of regret and disappointment so that you can finally pursue your passions and make more cash

If you feel....
✓ Stuck living a life that isn't aligned to who you truly are
✓ A fear of regret that you'll never be able to put yourself first
A fear of disappointing your parents if you actually chose your own happiness
Exhausted from not having boundaries and endlessly people pleasing
✓ A desire to make more money because you should have way more bankroll by now

It's time for you to get inside the masterclass where you will discover how to finally step boldly into the woman you know you are meant to be (the one with killer boundaries, a career she is excited to wake up to, and all the cash she wants for self care and vacations).

As the eldest daughter to narcissistic parents, I didn't realize how heavily parentified I was as a child. How emotionally responsible I was for my mother and how my family only really leaned on me because it was convenient for them. It was heart breaking.

And as a Human Design Projector and an empath, they never tried to understand why I was so different from them. They just wanted me to work hard and "succeed" so they could benefit from it. And I had enough.

I was also conditioned to believe that having money was wrong, and that was keeping me broke and with a broke b*tch mindset. Money gives me access to services I enjoy (hello housekeeper and laundry service) and it allows me to take vacations and live in the fullest expression of myself. I was tired of pretending that I was "bad" for wanting it.

And so for an entire year, I practiced different deconditioning and reprogramming methods that allowed me to heal substantially (I'm still a work in progress), and I knew that even though my life's work is rooted in coaching others, my focus needed to be on the immediate epidemic of eldest daughter syndrome.

I see you. I appreciate you for all that you are and who you've been conditioned to believe you should be. I've got you from here. Let's break these chains together.

Whatever you aren't changing, you're choosing.

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