Are you ruthlessly & unapologetically choosing yourself?

Are you ready to reclaim your personal power, create unshakeable confidence & Boldly live your life by design?

In this transformative 6 month coaching program, eldest/only daughters will discover how to release the life they have been living out of obligation, through my Fully Fulfilled framework, so they pursue their deepest desires without fear or guilt (and while making hella cash).

It's no longer your responsibility to put your family's expectations of you, in front of your own happiness & wellbeing 

Are you ready to step boldly into the next stage of your life without fear of failure, regret, or the crippling need for reassurance & validation?

Doors Open in

Ruthless Pursuit of Self 
Are you ready....

πŸ‘‰πŸ½To release your exhausting feelings of obligation to choose the life your parents carved out for you?
πŸ‘‰πŸ½To leave behind debilitating fears of failure, regret, and disappointment?
πŸ‘‰πŸ½To finally fulfill your heart's desires that are always put on the backburner (which also include you making more money)?

You've spent enough of your life trying to please everyone else. It's time to put yourself first.

The burden of your family's expectations is no longer yours to bear
Imagine how amazing it will feel when...

  • You can pursue your dream job or career without worrying whether your parents will approve or not

  • You can finally take more vacations and prioritize your self care and wellbeing because you aren't worried about being seen as selfish

  • You can try new hobbies or finally voice your secret interests without fear of backlash or judgement from loved ones.

  • You can take the risk you've been thinking about, like starting or expanding your business, without crippling fear of failure or disappointment.

  • You can set thicc mami boundaries with family without giving AF if it bothers them

  • You can seek the help you've wanted for so long but you've put off because you were worried people would view you as incapable

  • You can trash your analysis paralysis and make quick, clear decisions because you aren't obsessing over what choice will please everyone else (it's all about you now, sis).

All of this is now possible

Are you ready for the fulfillment, freedom, and fat cash that comes with choosing yourself? 

Because I know that all you feel is chaos, exhaustion, and a building resentment towards the expectations of others you feel obligated to meet. And your fear of failure and regret are constantly clashing. You don't want to wake up when you're 80 and wish you had done something different, but the words "what if I fail," are haunting you.  And not for nothing, girl. This chaos and these fears are keeping you from making even more money doing work and engaging in passions you actually love.

That's why you need the subconscious re-programming you will experience in this program. Because you need to release the belief that you are responsible for meeting the unrealistic expectations of everyone around you and you need to release the belief that you are unworthy of having a bountiful income doing work you love.

And sure you could read more self-help books and continue therapy, but none of those options will get to the deeply rooted problem of WHY you are feeling this way, and how to remove those feelings of fear, guilt, and obligation. And therapy alone won't create the bankroll you're seeking.

Therapy is great for taking inventory of what you already know, but you need more.

I know you're exhausted from not only having so many unfulfilled desires, but from the guilt that overtakes your body when you make a small decision to put yourself first (classic eldest/only daughter syndrome).

You deserve so much more than you have

And I know exactly how to make you the woman you've always known you can be outside of these debilitating feelings of guilt, fear, and obligation.

Introducing the
In this 16 week coaching program, you will release this life you are living out of obligation through the Fully Fulfilled framework, so you can finally pursue your deepest desires and make more money without fear or guilt.

Here's what you'll find inside The Ruthless Pursuit of Self

Self-discovery & Intentions

($3,500 value)

Who are you and who do you really want to be?

And I don't mean who your family/friends expect you to be

The very first thing we do is discover who you truly are through the lens of Human Design and your immediate personal/delulu/Disney dreams and goals for the next 3-6 months.

Here's what you get
  • A Human Design reading from a certified reader
  • A breathwork journey designed to reprogram your subconscious mind and train it to choose yourself
  • A 60-minute 1:1 onboarding call with Alexis to set bold intentions and create your unique strategy for your time in the program.

Releasing the old self

($2,500 value)

You don't realize you're attached to these patterns & habits

The answer is buried in your subconscious and you need to find it in order to free yourself of these patterns

Once you locate it, that is when you can lovingly release it and make space for the woman you truly want to be

Here's what you get
  • A breathwork journey that will identify & release your first memory of feelings of failure/rejection/ obligation
  • Live meditation sessions that will support your journey as you heal from these memories and feelings
  • A journal with over 50 prompts to support any continued or popup feelings such as control, frustration, hyper-independence, anxiety, and exhaustion.


($3,500 value)

Now it's time to step fully and boldly into the woman you know you are (the one that swipes the card without pause)

And that takes practice and learning new habits & strategies

You will not only train your subconscious to show up as this woman but you will create an actionable plan to making your new dreams, a reality (how are you expanding the business or getting that 6-figure promotion)

Here's what you get
  • A breathwork journey that reprograms your subconscious to embody your new self
  • A live meditation sessions to cement these new feelings and emotions that come with living boldly
  • A live session with a master manifestor that will show you how to be an energetic magnet for healthy relationships, wealth, and abundance

Become a magnet for abundance

($3,500 value)

Now that you are the woman you want to be, how do you hold this energy, forever and use it to stack dollars and create generational wealth or travel more?

By being on the right vibrational frequency for all the abundance you want to attract.

Working with a master manifestor and using techniques like EFT, you will discover not only how to call in all your heart's desires, but how to create a sustainable manifestation practice to attract all the abundance you are due (and way overdue for at this point).

Here's what you get
  • A breathwork journey that invites you to envision and physically feel your success, peace, and happiness
  • A live meditation session to cement to soothe any resistance you feel towards your impending success
  • A live session with a master manifestor that will show you how maintain your frequency to remain open to all your abundance at all times
You also get these bonuses

6 Group Coaching sessions & 24/5 slack support

$4,000 value

You are breaking a lifetime of chains. You are re-inventing everything you believed about yourself. Doing something so powerful requires accountability, support, and a community of healing girlies to heal with. I'll be here for you 24/5 to help you through the difficult decisions, wins, and celebrations of your life! In addition, you will meet with your main coach (Alexis) 6 times during the program to craft your strategy for how you will create more cash and fulfillment in your career and business.

Most group coaching programs do not offer this distinct level of support but your growth is dear to my heart.

Empowerment & Confidence Bundle

$1,000 value

Meditation is a practice that you build up over time to support looming feelings of unworthiness, apprehension, anxiety, and overwhelm. In your member's area you will have instant and on-demand access to meditations exclusive to this program that will support you through every stage of your journey.
You will also have access to a daily activation EFT sessions and subliminal meditations specifically designed for this mastermind that will clear old programming and keep your energy aligned with all the new abundance you are attracting.

This program is unmatched on every level

Most talk therapy or life coaching programs treat your symptoms but they don't dive deep into the root cause of what is driving your feelings & behavior. They lack somatic and subconscious practices which is where the magic happens. And therapists that utilize these practices usually have a waitlist that spans years (who has time for that).

In this program, we use Human Design to uncover who you are and what your soul is here to do. And we use a combination of breathwork journeys and meditations to tap into our subconscious and literally reshape our beliefs that are driving our symptoms. The best part? Enrollment is always open (no long waits).

You've been treating your symptoms with a Band-Aid, when you need surgery. Welcome to the OR πŸ˜‰
The Fully Fulfilled Framework
What are the steps and how does it take you from guilt-ridden, chronic people-pleaser to ruthlessly and unapologetically choosing yourself?

Step 1: Who are you, really? And who do you want to be?

Part of the reason you don't choose yourself is because you don't actually know who you are and what you want. So we discover who you are through a full Human Design reading with a certified reader so we know what your soul is here to do and how you body's consciousness best thrives while doing it. We combine this reading with 1 your intention setting session to discover your goals and how they will drive more cash and freedom into your life.

Step 2: Releasing the old self

The habits, fears, obligations, and guilt you have developed have come from a deeply rooted place. Most likely from your childhood. Through breathwork, meditation, and 1:1 coaching, you will not only locate that memory, but you will lovingly release it and the unhealthy habits you have built to protect yourself. You cannot create a conscious change in your life until you bring up all the nasty feelings and fears hidden at the subconscious level.

Step 3: Embracing the new self

Now that you have located and released the cornerstone of your fear of failure, rejection, guilts and obligations to take care of others, you can now step boldly into the woman you know you can be (the version of you that is always on vacation). Through breathwork, meditation, EFT, and 1:1 coaching we will lay the foundation for how you move forward towards the life you want to live. Ready to write that book? Travel more? Start that business? All that begins here!

Step 4: Becoming a magnet for wealth & abundance

Abundance is your birthright. You are worthy of all your desires, simply because you are. So how do we get all the abundance we are due? You will work with a master manifestor and discover how to attract all the wealth and healthy relationships you desire. The breathwork and meditation journeys will transport you to the future/highest version of yourself that already has everything you desire. And the 1:1 coaching will allow you to craft your strategy to claim your highest and most abundant version of yourself (it's giving overwater bungalow and massages on the beach, energy).
You are so used to carrying everyone, but who is carrying you?
A Message from the Founder
Let's talk about the woman you are about to become!

You’ve spent your whole life keeping the peace

 That when it comes times to negotiate your salary or a raise, you avoid asking for the pay you deserve. Or as a business owner you keep your prices lower to make everyone happy.

You devote so much of your life to others

You’ve forgotten to advocate for yourself-keeping you at a standstill in both your personal and professional life.

And as an eldest/only daughter, you most likely inherited your parent's poor relationship & ideas about money

Which is why you might believe that money is hard to make or that you have to work hard to keep it.

It’s time to step into your power, unapologetically advocate for yourself and become a magnet for wealth 
Klarna & Afterpay are available!
Ready to step into your most empowered self now, but short on cash? Buy now, and pay later!
Start for as little as $450* today!

*Klarna & Afterpay terms and conditions apply. Rate based on a 24 month term. Check their website for more rules and parameters to see if you qualify.

Got questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

How does the program work?
This is a 1:1 coaching/hybrid mastermind program. You will have 2, 1:1 calls with Alexis each month, 1 live meditation session monthly, and 1 live breathwork session monthly. You will also get a Human Design reading in your first month, 2 live sessions with a master manifestor and a live EFT session. You will also have 2 pre-recorded meditations in your member's area as part of the empowerment & confidence bundle, and an EFT session for daily activation and reprogramming.
​This feels like a big investment, I'm scared
I get it. A lot of what we've been taught about life comes from a place of scarcity & lack. I used to feel these feelings too. But I want you to ask yourself how much of your money you waste each week or month taking care of other people instead of yourself. What goals and dreams have you sacrificed because of this?

Can you afford not to choose yourself any further? How much will you continue to lose by carrying around these feelings of guilt, obligation, and fears of failure and rejection? The business you haven't started. The book you haven't written. How much has that already cost you? I'm willing to bet at least 3x the cost of the program.

Access to all 5 facilitators on your own, in separate programs would be at least a $40k investment. Having them all in one place to serve you, at their best, for a fraction of the cost is exactly what you need.

And if a lump sum still feels unsettling to your nervous system, then take advantage of the Klarna and Afterpay. They are there for a reason. But the highest version of yourself, invests in herself without hesitation. So embody her now.
How is this program different?
If you have tried other life coaching programs, you might not have engaged in somatics or energetic practices. You might have only been treated with logical, actionable, and surface level help.

This program is 80% energetics and somatics, and 20% implementation and logic. You energy needs to shift entirely for you to embody the fully confident version of yourself. And that starts with subconscious energy. 
Can I join at anytime?
Enrollment opens every two months and every cohort can only accommodate 5 women at a time. All 5 facilitators are Human Design Projectors and our energy is extremely precious. So to give you the most epic and personal experience possible, we limit how many women we serve at a time.

If you're not yet ready to take the leap, make sure you get on the waitlist/email list so you get first access to when the doors open each time.
I'm not an eldest/only daughter. Can I still join?
This program was designed by an only daughter so I know the complex feelings of holding that role. I also fully understand that sometimes birth order had nothing to do with why your parents/family/friends chose you as the one to be burdened with carrying them and their happiness. If you still strongly resonate with these feelings of obligation and fear of failure/rejection and guilt (and you are a woman or identify as a woman) you are more than welcome to join. The principles for how to release your old self and embody your new self will still fit your perfectly.
Here's what happens as soon as you're in the Mastermind
Once you join you'll get:
πŸ‘‰ Instant Access to the Confidence & Empowerment Bundle
πŸ‘‰ Your Human Design reading within 2 weeks
πŸ‘‰ Immediate Slack support to create a strategy to get you that paper (money, dough, bread, or whatever you call it)

These next 6 months will reshape the rest of your life. So let's jumpstart that progress!

The most powerful result you will get
Is the ability to say "yes" to yourself with love & confidence
πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Yes to things that only light you the hell up
πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Yes to things that bring you happiness, wealth, and peace
πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Yes to relationships that expand you and amplify your self worth

Why is this small word so impactful as a result?

πŸ‘‰ When you say yes to yourself, you don't overextend yourself anymore
πŸ‘‰ When you say yes to yourself, you are teaching people how to love you
πŸ‘‰ When you say yes to yourself, you become a magnet for relationships that are more expansive, and for way more money than you knew was possible

This is what's waiting for you!

THIS IS WHAT you fully deserve!

Let's get you out of people pleasing and fear of rejection and into the woman who unapologetically chooses herself and her overdue wealth.
And no, another self-help book isn't going to fix this

You can either

Keep following inspirational people on Instagram and still continue to put everyone else's happiness above your own...

Finally make a commitment to your happiness & wellbeing & put down the self help books that have never worked before.
It's your choice...
Meet Your Facilitators
You will be surrounded by these amazing women that are not only Human Design Projectors but are true change makers in their field!
Brendaliz Acosta (Your breathwork guide)

Following a traumatic injury in 2016, she realized the importance of aligning with her true purpose and shedding self-doubt. Struggling with self-sabotage, overthinking, and fear, Brendaliz overcame immense challenges to become the empowering force she is today.At the end of 2022, she founded Be You with Brendaliz, empowering women in corporate to reclaim their AUTHENTICITY, BOLDNESS, and CONFIDENCE. As a Holistic Transformational Coach, Consultant, and Speaker, she is dedicated to helping others break through internal barriers and embrace their life and career with confidence. 

Yolanda Jenkins (Your meditation guide)

is a wife, mother of two, meditation facilitator, and owner of Santee + Redwood Wellbeing Studio. During her sessions, we'll engage in meditation and mindfulness practices.  In our overly busy lives, meditation offers a chance to be present in the moment, reconnect with our inner wisdom, and reduce stress & anxiety. So let's Pause together!

Tanisha Allen (Your EFT Guide & Human Design reader)

"Γ€sΓ " is a Coach, Mentor and Strategic Operations Consultant. She helps individuals find the courage to do hard things in their business, careers, and lives. Teaching success as a strategy game, she helps individuals use their deepest values to create their best outcomes. With her innate ability to develop strategic roadmaps coupled with self-discovery practices, she can help you quickly transform your challenges into opportunities.

Veronique Bennett (Your Master Manifester & Abundance Guide)

Your Spiritual Power Coach, has learned how to BE who she came here to be, instead of who they told her to be. She’s mastered the true art of manifestation and simply calling in the highest version of herself, and curating her environment to match her million dollar energy. Now she’s here to help you collapse that timeline of BEing your highest self. It’s time to TAKE CHARGE of your life, THRIVE in your highest alignment and LIVE in the WEALTH and ABUNDANCE you deserve!


7-day money back guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the program and seeing life-changing results, I'll refund your investment. No questions asked

This is for you if...

  • you have a lot of unfulfilled desires as a result of being the eldest/only daughter and are ready to finally fulfill those desires (did someone say published author)
  • you have intense fears of rejection or failure due to your birth order and parental expectations and you're ready to release those and say "screw it" to what your family thinks
  • you're ready to step into your wealth and power that you know you are destined for

This is NOT for you if...

  • you recognize your feelings but aren't ready to change them
  • you're looking for an easy way out
  • you're not ready to make difficult choices and do the difficult work
  • you're not willing to learn and embrace your true self, fully
  • you're still using low cash as an excuse for not choosing yourself and your happiness

Klarna & Afterpay are available!
Ready to step into your most empowered self now, but short on cash? Buy now, and pay later!
Start for as little as $450* today!

*Klarna & Afterpay terms and conditions apply. Rate based on a 24 month term. Check their website for more rules and parameters to see if you qualify.

So will you finally choose yourself
or will you remain on the sidelines of your own life....

Are you ready to release yourself of this debilitating fear of failure and finally chase the desires you've always wanted (that also bring you a 1 in your bank account followed by 6 zeros)?

Are you ready to stop feeling guilty for prioritizing your own wellbeing?

Are you ready to stare your fear of rejection in the face and tell it that it no longer means anything to you? 

Copyright Alexis Frank