Choose Yourself. Unapologetically. Everyday.

Helping eldest daughters & moms ruthlessly and unapologetically choose themselves so they can pursue their passions and make more money.

remember, everything you need is within you or within reach


A Little About Me

I'm Alexis and for as long as I can remember, I've had a problem with the rules. I grew tired of society telling moms who we should be. I exhausted of being told business was hard and required 80+ hours a week of work. I got tired of eldest daughters having to bear the weight of being the family caretaker. And I got tired of being broke while doing all this dumb crap.

So I broke out of the box that society tried to keep me in. I created my own idea of success in business, motherhood, and life. And now I help other moms and eldest daughters do the same. Screw the status quo. We never wanted it anyway.

Want to Work Together?
Here's How I Help....

 6- Month
Coaching Plan 

This plan utilizes the LAZY method
to maximize your transformation
Using The Filing Cabinet's signature approach "the LAZY method," we will develop a personalized structure for your business or career that leaves you with a crystal clear understanding of how to grow your biz/career in a way that pays you well and leans into all of your passions. The best part? You'll come out the program with higher cash offers, unshakeable confidence, and emboldened courage to choose your happiness, everyday. Join for only $1,997, today.

Ruthless Pursuit of Self

A 6 month program that helps eldest daughters choose their happiness.
In this transformative 6 month coaching program, eldest/only daughters will discover how to release the life they have been living out of obligation, through my Fully Fulfilled framework, so they pursue their deepest desires without fear or guilt. It's no longer your responsibility to put the happiness of your family & friends in front of your own wellbeing. Are you ready to step boldly into the next stage of your life without fear of failure, rejection, or the crippling need for reassurance & validation?

The Effortless 

Are you ready for your first 8k month
 on only 15 hours a week?
This signature group coaching program was designed for women and moms in business who are serious about creating consistent income in their business, but don't want to work 40+ hours a week to do it. Inside you get 16 weeks of coaching, 8 pre-recorded modules, 12 weeks of personalized coaching, and a community to grow with. The best part about this program is that you will discover to how your new found free time and re-discover who you are outside of business and motherhood. Because who you were before those titles, still matters. Join today for $3,997! 

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