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Here's the program that this video was designed from

Here are 3 major components that will be included in the life changing program that this training was inspired by.

A full Human Design reading from a certified reader. If you want to fully embody the woman you want to be, you need to know what your soul's purpose is here to do and how you best thrive while doing it.

Monthly breathwork and meditation sessions. Your energy needs to shift entirely in order for you to unapologetically choose yourself. Breathwork and meditation will not only help you pinpoint the very first moment you felt these fears of failure, rejection or obligation but it will also set you free of these limiting beliefs, dive deeper into self-love and help you bridge the gap between your current self and your highest self.

A load of 1:1 time with me! While there will be opportunities for group growth and togetherness, all of your coaching will be in a 1:1 setting with me so you don't feel the weight of others looking at you as you grow through any pain or hurt. There will also be Slack support in between our calls so you always feel supported.

Learn from the Best
Here's more about me and why this I'm the coach you need to heal from your eldest daughter syndrome.

Two years into my coaching career, I was diagnosed with complex PTSD stemming from childhood, military, and sexual trauma. I realized then that if I had endured a lifetime of trauma, then so have so many other women and that my story could empower them to change theirs.

While I help women grow their online businesses through a trauma-informed lense, so much of my true power lies within helping woman destroy every obstacle that has tried to destroy them in life or motherhood.

And as a Human Design Projector (we only make up 20% of the population) and an empath, my life's work is rooted in helping others feel seen in their hurt, identify and obliterate their pain, and rise above the ashes that were meant to suffocate them.

I was also conditioned to believe that having money was wrong, and that was keeping me broke and with a broke b*tch mindset. Money gives me access to services I enjoy (hello housekeeper and laundry service) and it allows me to take vacations and live in the fullest expression of myself. I was tired of pretending that I was "bad" for wanting it.

And so for an entire year, I practiced different deconditioning and reprogramming methods that allowed me to heal substantially (I'm still a work in progress), and I knew that even though my life's work is rooted in coaching others, my focus needed to be on the immediate epidemic of eldest daughter syndrome.