What would it mean to you if you had an extra $8-10K a month plus an additional 30+ hours back in your week?

Discover the EXACT blueprint my clients and I use to make $8-10K each month, without the hustle (even as new business owners and moms)

What's Included in The Effortless Entrepreneur?
So glad you asked! 


Module 1: The Business Role and Goal

Entrepreneurship is your career plan. That much is true. But it shouldn't consume your entire life. In this module, we go over how much space you want your business to take up in your overall life plan without overthinking it.

  • Determine how much time and energy you can reasonably give to your business each week
  • Discover what you truly want your business to provide to you when it comes to happiness and fulfillment
  • Understanding that while you love the work you do, you still have an identity outside of business. That woman and that mom still matters


Module 2: Make it About the Message

You can’t serve clients on a consistent basis, if you can’t consistently identify the reason they need your help. Messaging doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Identify and understand your ideal client in every way that frustrates them and makes them jump for joy
  • Learn exactly how to address their needs with such clarity that will have them thinking: “how does she know so much about me”?
  • Your messaging is they key to attracting clients to you which cuts out half the work in marketing.

Module 3: Finesse Your Framework

The path that got us to where we are, is usually what we are selling. Let’s make sure that path is easy for others to follow.

  • Create your step-by-step framework so that you fully understand the transformation you are bringing your clients through.
  • Understand how your framework plays a role in creating success for your clients and is also the key to getting consistent clients in your business, month after month.
  • Realize that your framework is the bread and butter of your business. Nothing else works without it.

But Wait, There's Even More!
I'll always bring the value!

Module 4: Cash and Dash

We started our business for either time or money freedom. Let’s make sure that your service fills both of those needs, while still serving your clients in abundance.

  • Using my offer tier chart, you will discover the most efficient way to package your offer in a way that also serves your client in a way that they need the most
  • You will price your offer in such a way that is accessible for potential clients and also meets your income goals, so that both you and your client are getting mutual benefit from your work together.
  • Make a promise to celebrate yourself every time you sign a new client (either with a trip to Disneyland with the kids or on a new dress)!


Module 5: Creative Content Cultivation

There’s no escaping content creation as a means to grow your online business. It’s time to embrace how easy this process can be.

  • Discover the technique for making scroll stopping content that will have problem aware leads engaging with all of your posts.
  • Learn how to craft your content on a schedule that requires a small amount of time but has a mega impact.
  • Content ideas can truly be endless especially as a mom, let's use all that is available to us to make content easier to create.

Module 6 &7 : Mastering the 15-hour work week & Re-discovering yourself

Work and business will take up as much space as you give it. Let’s give it only what is necessary. And once we create more time, let's learn how to channel it towards ourselves (not everyone or everything else that needs attention).

  • Embrace the concept of my signature “Drawer Method” which teaches you the other two things you should be doing in your business in order to drive success.
  • Execute the 15-hour work week strategy within your business so that you can spend the other 150 hours in your week doing whatever else lights up your soul.
  • Have no idea how to use your free time? Don't worry, I'm going to give you all the tools and permission you need to come home to yourself and re-discover what makes you happy.

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8 Mind-Blowing Modules (a $3,500 value)

Showing you exactly how to establish your business as an authority in your niche and provide unlimited value to your clients all while mastering the 15-hour work week.


Financial Freedom Templates (a $597 value)

These templates help you understand how much money you need to make in your business in order to drive abundance in your daily life. They also help you price your services and determine how much of each offer you need to sell in order to reach your financial goals.

A $4,000 value!

Trust me when I say, this is not info you can comb through Google to find. 

I scratched and clawed my way out of dead business frustration using the exact techniques in this program. 

After implementing them, I was able to actually watch my girls in ballet class, read those books on my shelf, discover a passion for paint by number and puzzles, and increase my monthly self-care activities like facials and pedicures.

Within my business, I DOUBLED my inbound leads and a 3x increase in discovery call requests.

All while reducing my working hours by 50% AND finally being able to match my corporate income.


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I stand by every aspect of this program. If you are not fully satisfied with the program in the first 7 days and can show me that you have done the modules and implemented the work, I will refund your investment.

I'm really excited to guide you through these next few weeks of growth in your business.

I know how frustrated you've been with your progress, but I also know how committed you are to making it work.

I also know if you are just making the decision to get started, how scary this can all feel, but I promise this is most amazing place for you to start.

You have everything you need to reach your success either within you, or within reach.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I know that this next 16 weeks will be the most transformative experience for both you and your business.

Your success is my success.

-Alexis Frank

This program is for women who are either considering starting an online business and are overwhelmed by where to start OR for women who are in the early stages of their business and are looking to grow into my consistency and ease.