Mompreneur Mastery
Stop taking business growth advice from gurus who aren't moms.  Join me in this free masterclass where you’ll discover how to ditch the mom guilt and grow your online business in only 15 hours a week.

What's Included in this 90 minute Masterclass?

I'm going to show you the exact techniques I use to get 3-5 clients each month, with a full bank account, while only having to work 15 hours a week.
✓ You will discover the key to consistent clients so that you aren't panicking at the beginning of every month wondering when you are going to get paid next (because no one enjoys income instability or anxiety from waiting on clients).

✓ I'll show you my Irresistible Offer Method that my clients and I use to create high ticket offers, so you can make your first $5K month.

✓ You will discover how to master the 15-hour work week so that you can use the other 150 hours in your week to re-discover who you are outside of business & motherhood. And you'll start on that journey of self-discovery during the class!

If you're experiencing,
✓ Whiplash from inconsistent clients each month
✓ Burnout from taking on too many clients just to make ends meet
✓  Consistent denial of your offer when you present it to clients
✓ Disappointment in your lack of progress in your business
✓ Frustration from not having any time to devote to yourself

It's time for you to get inside the masterclass where you will discover how to finally gain consistent clients and income on only 15 hours a week! And also learn how to use your free time to re-discover who you are outside of motherhood and business.

A Little About Me

As mom of 3, a military spouse, and exhausted corporate worker, I knew I wanted more for my life than just the hustle and grind. So when I started my business, I knew it would be hard, but I realized I was making things so much harder than they needed to be. Once I cracked the code to consistent $5k months (while only working 15 hours a week), I knew I had to help other moms discover the secret too. Now I spend my free time and extra cash on me. I take myself on dates and I'm finding new hobbies that I enjoy outside of my business and motherhood. All of this can be yours too inside the masterclass. Join me!
Whatever you aren't changing, you're choosing.

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