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Let's talk about how to build a business you love with consistent clients while only working 15 hours a week with the LAZY method.
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Here's the Process:


We start by unloading all the negative business-related thoughts, ideas, and hustle culture beliefs that have been taking up mental space. Then we discuss the changes you want to make and the role you want your business to play in your life.


Next, we'll turn your brain dump into a visual and comprehensive plan that includes adjustments to your messaging, offer structure, and content strategy.

Z-Zone in with Zest

 Next, we'll focus on diligently working through the tasks outlined in the plan, reviewing your progress and addressing any challenges or resistance you may be experiencing.


(Pronounced with a long A) yare means "to be ready." During our last session, I will provide you with everything you need to continue your growth and success beyond our coaching work together, equipping you with the confidence, tools, and strategies necessary to sustain your momentum within your new relaxed entrepreneurial mindset.
Ready to have a business you truly love?
In just 3 months, the LAZY method can help you achieve...

  • Consistent income and clients so that you aren't worried about the next time you will get paid

  • All the confidence you need to not only sell your offer, but to no longer seek external validation in how good you are in your business.

  • The ability to run a cash-flowing and profitable business with plenty of free time to sow into yourself outside of business or motherhood.
And: if you need more than 3 months, the option to extend to 6 months, comes at a discount!
What others are saying...

Hey there! I'm SO glad you found me!

I'm Alexis. I help women and moms with online businesses create consistent income in only 15 hours a week so that they can re-discover who they are outside of business & motherhood.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For the first 18 months of my business, I really struggled to not only get my business off the ground, but to actually hone in on how I helped others. Business became a burden and I felt like I had no identity outside of trying to "succeed." But that all changed when I implemented the LAZY method. Let me show you how you can achieve the same peace of mind while creating consistent income!

I'll be honest, I rarely update my blog. But if you wanna read it. Here you go!
Ready to build your profitable online business in only 15 hours a week?

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