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The Ruthless Pursuit of Self Mastermind is a HIGH LEVEL 6 or 12 month Group + 1:1 Mentorship Experience that is proven to fast track your healing and empowerment journey as an eldest/only daughter AND make you more money in your business or corporate job.  Please only submit this application if you are READY to quantum leap, make your Disney delulu dreams a reality, and make more money than ever💰 (while having the time of your life!)

Once you submit your application you will receive an email no less than 48 hours after to book a discovery call or receive a DM from me (based on how you prefer to connect).

How the Mastermind is Designed to Get You Results:

1. 60-min intention setting call with Alexis: In this session we will understand what is consciously keeping you stuck in your victimhood and what limiting beliefs you have about yourself. We will then discover what you want to accomplish the most during our work together and create a roadmap for how you will create more cash and bring your Disney delulu dreams to life!

2. Monthly Hotseat Coaching: Monthly hotseat mentorship calls where you can plug in, ask specific questions, and get support where you need it most. This is NOT just a place where you get 10 minutes to ask a question (that sounds boring AF). This is where you also get input from other women. This is the true essence of a mastermind. It's community. It's a collective of women on the same journey to healing and empowerment as you.

3. 1x Month Breathwork Calls: Diving deep into your subconscious will help you discover the root cause of all your limiting beliefs and stop them in their tracks so that you can finally break habits keeping you stuck in victimhood, and quantum leap your healing journey to that healed baddie you know you can be

4. 1x Month Rotating Abundance/Transmutation Calls: Become a match for BIG MONEY and turn doubt/imposter syndrome into unshakable confidence. You will also learn how to turn your fear of failure/rejection into positive energy and self-love. 

5. 1x Month Meditation Calls: Take time to practice stillness during a time in your life when it feels like you never get to slow down. Meet with you higher self, seek her guidance, and realign with your heart's deepest desires in these sessions.

6. Empowerment  & Confidence Bundle Use daily activations, EFT tapping tracks, subliminal meditations and quick 15 -minute meditations to regularly reprogram your subconscious mind to choose yourself. Breaking a life time of chains isn't easy work, but you can make it lighter with all these added sessions you can access 24/7

7. Private Slack Group: You will be fully supported every step of the way. Our slack channel is a place for you to plug in weekly as questions or situations come up (wether its about your relationship or your money goals). This is also where you can connect and get to know the other women in the community.


The women who join this program make no excuses

They are 100% dedicated to the work they are about to do. And you need to be sure that's you. Because I already know that you deserve the world and are so worthy of everything you desire.

But you must believe that deeply about yourself too.

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If you are selected for the free call, and we both feel like there's a great fit to continue to work together, the monthly minimum investment to work with Alexis is $500/month. Are you in a place to make that investment
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